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Imagery Estate Upper Ridge Vineyard

In the wine world, tradition often tempers creativity, individuality and imagination. But at Imagery Estate Winery, an unconventional approach inspires richly expressive wines and a wine drinking experience that entices visitors to broaden their palates. Dedicated to crafting small quantities of rare wines from uncommon varieties and character-rich vineyards, Imagery Estate Winery was born of a thirst for experimentation and a willingness to take risks.

Planted in 2000 by Benziger Family Winery for its Imagery Estate wines, the Upper Ridge Vineyard is nestled into the 1,200 acre Silverwood Ranch on the southern and southwestern slopes of Pine Mountain. 

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The Vineyard

"Off-the-beaten path" is an understatement for Imagery’s Upper Ridge Vineyard.  Still, they make the trek because of the quality of fruit created by its unique terroir, elevation (one of the highest in Sonoma County) and exposure. The best part? You can grow almost any varietal there - and they do! Developed as a playground of clonal experimentation, 11 unique wine varietals are planted on one special vineyard. The Upper Ridge Vineyard, with planted elevations reaching 2,600' claims the distinction of the highest-elevation vineyard in Sonoma County.


Reflecting Imagery Estate Winery's focus on eco-responsible farming, the surrounding acres contain a vast array of natural and biological diversity – madrone and manzanita forests, rolling hills, springs, and ponds, and support wildlife corridors for foxes, wild pigs, turkey, deer, mountain lion, bobcats, and bears.

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